Car Stories

A highly interactive theatrical joyride led by urban guides through Buffalo’s historic Allentown district! The show starts at Nietzsche's, 248 Allen Street where the audience is led from there on a magical performance where you are the star of the show! Be as creative and imaginative as you dare, because you are the hero of this story! Please NO party poopers or wall flowers! Reserve your spot by texting your preferred time to Melissa Campbell 716-400-3144 or just show up to get on the list. Shows start each 1/2 hour. Car Stories began as a show during the Fringe Fest in Montreal with Donovan King and Jason C. McLean. They were booted from the festival because a sponsor couldn't get a free ride and complained. Fringe Fest chose the money over the art. Booooo!! The men developed 'IN'fringement so that all artists were 'in' The festival was done in Toronto where Kurt Schneiderman, leader of Subversive Theatre, then brought the idea to Buffalo. With no opposition from a sponsor directed festival, The Infringement Festival has become Buffalo's largest event of artists, performers and agitators ever! In March of this year, our dear friend Tim Sentman aka Blue Lazer passed away, leaving a huge empty spot in our hearts. He was a main staple in the festival, attending our shows and sharing his creative pursuits in poetry, music and as our leading guide in Car Stories. This show is dedicated to him!!! Want to play? We are seeking guides for the show! Please contact Melissa Campbell to be part of developing this year's theme. Please share your stories and photos from previous shows at

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Sat, Aug 044-7 pmNietzsche's (starting point out front)
Sun, Aug 054-7 pmNietzsche's (starting point out front)