Blue Lazer

After booking a show in Buffalo, NY, Blue Lazer crash landed on earth in the summer of 2006. Normally an instrumental electronic group, they soon learned that earthlings lacked the capacity to comprehend their jams without their faces being melted clean away. In order to mitigate against this unfortunate side effect the group’s leader found that if he verbally contextualized each song while the rest of the band played it, accidental audience mutilations could be cut nearly in half. Join Blue Lazer as they drain WNY of its resources… err… play music for money, which will eventually enable them to repair their intergalactic vessel and leave your puny backwater mud-ball behind forever!


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Thu, Aug 027:30-8 pmBurchfield Penney Art Center (with Composite Community Poetry)(part of Barging Into the Burch': Lazer Blues)