Witchician, Heal Thyself!

Altercation Dreamer Solutions is a 'Life Artist' whose work is about spreading the message that 'Love Wins' with many mediums; Reiki, music, collage & multi-media art, dance, potion crafting and crystal grids. Intuition and a willingness to follow Divine guidance has helped them cultivate a variety of rites and rituals for transformative healing. They have a strong vision that we as humans can reconnect with ancestoral lineages, remember our capacity for compassion and ability to heal ourselves, thus healing our collective history. As a young child they played in the elements arranging altars outside and bringing them into their bedroom. They have been intuitively making healing rituals since childhood and started actively studying crystal messages since 2005. They have been practicing Reiki since their first Reiki attunement in 2004 and teaching Reiki since 2013. Their teacher, Dr. G-Love, also taught them some of the Peruvian earth-based technologies of using the Pachacuti Mesa. They have also worked with various healers & Spirit in crafting cathartic ritual used to transmute personal & collective histories. In this show they are blending structured spiritual practice with improvisational performance. They will be singing spells of healing while placing and moving ritual objects.

Website: translightmutations.com

Social media: timeismakebelieve instagram


Mon, Jul 307:30-8 pmVillage (inside)(part of Doula La)
Sat, Aug 044-5 pmRaqs Solidarity
Sun, Aug 05noon-12:30 pmKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street