Cinderella X

Subversive Theatre unapologetically presents a savage twist on the classic fairy tale. After years of doing the shit work for the privileged elite, is Cinderella really going to marry one of them? Our Cinderella is pissed off and ready to wage class warfare! We're proud to team up with several area burlesque artists to create this anything-but-wholesome adventure without words -- this one's all brought to life through music, movement, dance, pantomime, shadow work, and puppetry. A jeeringly raunchy, trippy, in-your-face molotov cocktail of subversion sure to leave Walt Disney shitting his pants.


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Thu, Jul 269-10 pmManny Fried Playhouse
Fri, Jul 279-10 pmManny Fried Playhouse
Sat, Jul 289-10 pmManny Fried Playhouse
Thu, Aug 029-10 pmManny Fried Playhouse
Fri, Aug 039-10 pmManny Fried Playhouse
Sat, Aug 049-10 pmManny Fried Playhouse