The Heenan Brothers

The Heenan Brothers started out as a father /son duet. Introduced at an open mic in 2007 as The Heenan Brothers, they kept the moniker and added mandolinist Rick Bauer. Son gets a real job and is replaced by Ken (Rickenbacker) Johnson on bass. We added Bob (Rickybobby) Savoy on harmonica in 2015. Still playing that folky, bluesy kind of Americana respectfully referred to as Canal Blues. Originals and special covers The Heenan Brothers groove to move you.

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Sat, Jul 281-2 pmTrinity Farm (garden area)(part of Where the Bluegrass Is Always Greener)
Fri, Aug 036-8 pmEssex Street Pub
Sat, Aug 047-7:45 pmMohawk Place (front stage)(part of The Lloyd MacHardy Memorial Hootenanny)