Silent Disco

SILENT DISCO WNY Brought to you by IN YOUR EAR EVENTS When the neighbors yell “Turn it Down!” – turn it UP – the silent way. In Your Ear Events silent disco concept offers a great solution in venues, like urban neighborhoods, where sound and noise ordinances can be an issue. Instead of cancelling those late-night sets at clubs and festivals, this silent concept allows the event planner to turn the loud music off for the neighbors while keeping the audience momentum going – Everyone is happy. How it works 🎧 Simple: Walk into an In Your Ears Event, sign out and receive headphones, place on head over ears, click on – you’re in! (A bit more) Technical: High powered transmitters broadcast to an inter-connected network of wireless headphones. The state of the art 3-channel headphones have a broadcast range of over 500 yards - that’s 5 football fields in every direction. The 3-channel system allows up to three different artists to play at the same time, at the same venue, and allows the audience to choose who they want to listen to. The 3 channels are differentiated to the user by colored LEDs on the headphones that light up to correspond to colored lights at each artist’s station. Each headphone also has its own volume control for personalized amplification. Where the heck can you use these things? 🎧 In Your Ear Events can take place just about anywhere – Festivals, Parties, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Weddings, Fundraising Events, etc. AND THESE ARE NOT JUST FOR DANCE PARTIES – This concept works great indoors or out for walking tours, outdoor movies, pub crawls, museum tours, mall events, presentations, yoga classes, etc. Speaking of Yoga – Silent Yoga? 🎧 Absolutely! Imagine the user sitting on their yoga mat, eyelids gently closed, In Your Ear Events headphones in place, silently listening to the clear whisper of the yogi and soothing Zen music. No distractions of outside noises like barking dogs, honking horns of traffic passing the studio, or heavy deep breathing from others in the class. The silent event allows the user to go deeper in their practice. It enhances the quiet and sense of peace and takes the yoga experience to a whole new level. As reported by national newspapers, “The silent disco concept is a custom collective ritual, which paradoxically does not isolate people, but connects through movement”. In Your Ear Events is perfect for multi-stage performance venues where sound from several stages mesh as they compete for your attention. A simple click of the headphones allows the audience to navigate through the event by alternating between audio channels to thoroughly enjoy each artist individually. Does it look like the crowd wearing the blue lit headphones is having a blast? No need to ask what they’re listening to, just switch your headphones to the same color and join in. Our events allow each audience member to personalize their own crisp, clear music experience. They choose who to listen to and at what volume. In Your Ear Events works in an intimate gathering or an event shared by hundreds, even thousands. Make your event as individual and unique as each audience member. For more info contact us today and be the first to experience the newest trend in entertainment. 1-716-807-4063



Fri, Aug 036-9 pmDays Park(part of Disco Park)
Sat, Aug 04noon-5 pmBroadway Market (hear all stages from anywhere)(part of The Broadway Market Thing)
Sun, Aug 053-7:30 pmElmwood Market(part of Megafringe: Word On The Street)