The Lloyd MacHardy Memorial Hootenanny

A rag-tag collection of Americana, Folk, and Bluegrass acts, Infringement style. Dedicated to the late great Lloyd MacHardy, a Nova Scotia native, and veteran of numerous Infringements, who passed away in 2016.

at Mohawk Place


Sat, Aug 047-7:45 pmThe Heenan Brothers (front stage)
Sat, Aug 047:45-8:30 pmRick Denzien
Sat, Aug 048:30-9:15 pmMichael Faltyn
Sat, Aug 049:15-10 pmAble Footing
Sat, Aug 0410-10:45 pmTwenty Thousand Strongmen (front stage)
Sat, Aug 0410-10:45 pmtenderbastard ((front stage))
Sat, Aug 0410:45-11:30 pmJungle Steve & The Gypsophelias
Sat, Aug 0411:30 pm-12:15 amCopper & Gin