The Broadway Market Thing

Our annual event at one of Buffalo's historic buildings. 3 levels of infringing fun! FREE!

at Broadway Market


Sat, Aug 04noon-12:45 pmStoneclad (roof)
Sat, Aug 04noon-1 pmAndrew Nixon Trio (lobby)
Sat, Aug 04noon-5 pmSilent Disco (hear all stages from anywhere)
Sat, Aug 0412:15-12:45 pmDigital Afterlife (garage)
Sat, Aug 0412:45-1:15 pmDeadWorry (garage)
Sat, Aug 0412:45-1:30 pmCurtis Lovell (roof)
Sat, Aug 041-2 pmFragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy (lobby - Fragrance solo)
Sat, Aug 041:15-1:45 pmSonic Wranglers (garage)
Sat, Aug 041:30-2:15 pmZoochie (roof)
Sat, Aug 041:45-2:15 pmThe Finality Complex (garage)
Sat, Aug 042-3 pmDavid Adamczyk's Sound Strategy (roving the ecalators)
Sat, Aug 042-3 pmCarly Beth (lobby)
Sat, Aug 042-3 pmThe Left Hand of Darkness (roaming, helmet amp)
Sat, Aug 042:15-2:45 pmImaginary Number (garage)
Sat, Aug 042:30-3 pmElectric Style (roof)
Sat, Aug 042:45-3:15 pmMandoloops (stairwell)
Sat, Aug 042:45-3:15 pmDJ Bonaparte (garage)
Sat, Aug 043-4 pmShannon Vanderlaan (lobby)
Sat, Aug 043:15-3:45 pmFlex Godd (garage)
Sat, Aug 043:30-4:15 pmCuriosity's End (roof)
Sat, Aug 043:45-4:15 pmEmci Kyng (garage)
Sat, Aug 044-5 pmrussianhands and romanfingers (lobby)
Sat, Aug 044:15-5 pmCavalcade (roof)
Sat, Aug 044:15-4:45 pmMal.A.Mute (garage)