Get Me Out of My Head Part 3.14159265359

In this exhibition, images of the self and others, everyday objects, characters real and imagined, and all manner of stray thoughts spill out of their heads onto the canvas. His works appear crude at first glance, with their direct, raw gestures and an often “unfinished” quality, but are brimming with intent, feeling, and sly wit. They share an affinity for the grotesque, the uncanny, and the flat-out weird. Together, the works probe the messy lines between life and death, mind and body, memory and fantasy.


Thu, Jul 26installationRustbelt Books
Fri, Jul 27installationRustbelt Books
Sat, Jul 28installationRustbelt Books
Sun, Jul 29installationRustbelt Books
Mon, Jul 30installationRustbelt Books
Tue, Jul 31installationRustbelt Books
Wed, Aug 01installationRustbelt Books
Thu, Aug 02installationRustbelt Books
Fri, Aug 03installationRustbelt Books
Sat, Aug 04installationRustbelt Books
Sun, Aug 05installationRustbelt Books