Stone Butch Blues Live Reading

Leslie Feinberg fought hard before their death to secure the rights to their novel Stone Butch Blues. They desired that SBB remain a text open and accessible to all, and it's presently available at They also opposed the idea of translating SBB to a movie, stating that " I don’t believe any movie can be made true to the intention of the book." And that "Derivative artists … take their individual idea of who is Black or white, fat or thin, able-bodied or disabled—and the derivative artist flattens and concretizes their own interpretation for all time, as if that’s the truth of Stone Butch Blues for all time and all readers. It’s their imagination re-writing the entire book for all readers.” In that spirit, we will be conducting a live reading of passages of Stone Butch Blues, with volunteers from the audience reading passages in a rotation. We will also project images from locations here in Buffalo and WNY mentioned in the novel. Content warning- some passages of Stone Butch Blues depict violent acts, particularly violent acts against marginalized people.


Fri, Aug 039-10 pmPussywillow Gallery