The Lawn Disco

It’s a lawn time coming. The annual bash on the co-op house grass is back to send all heavenly bodies in motion while groove-supplies last.

at Nickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth


Sun, Jul 292-2:45 pmUs, Today (porch)
Sun, Jul 292:45-3:15 pmAndrew Polycoder (off to side, btwx sets)
Sun, Jul 293:15-3:45 pmTBD (must be groovy, porch)
Sun, Jul 294:15-4:45 pmIcarus Breathes / Not Cool (off to side, btwx sets)
Sun, Jul 294:45-5:30 pmGenecist (porch)
Sun, Jul 295:30-6:30 pmBloodthirsty Vegans (porch)
Sun, Jul 296:30-7:15 pmRodagues (porch)
Sun, Jul 297:15-8 pmTBD (porch)