Disco Park

Why wait for the dark when the Silent Disco is bringing the nightclub to Days Park? Disco ball on a branch says it all, so come dance in the daylight during the art-sprawl.

at Days Park


Fri, Aug 035-10 pmGongeranium (within earshot of Silent Disco)
Fri, Aug 036-9 pmSilent Disco
Fri, Aug 036-7:30 pmDJ Bonaparte (silent disco)
Fri, Aug 036-7:30 pmDJ SYOTOS (silent disco)
Fri, Aug 036-7:30 pmHYMNS (silent disco)
Fri, Aug 037:30-9 pmSoma Space Time Trip (silent disco)
Fri, Aug 037:30-9 pmDonutxSlinger (silent disco)
Fri, Aug 037:30-9 pmIcarus Breathes / Not Cool (silent disco)