Barging Into the Burch': Lazer Blues

The Buffalo Infringement Festival pays tribute to the life and legacy of one of its finest infringers with Barging Into the 'Burch: Lazer Blues. Tim Sentman, known to many by his otherworldly alter ego Blue Lazer, was a beacon of exemplary stage-presence for all quiet creative types bent on becoming. Blue Lazer intended to take part in this year's infringement festival, and we can think of no better way to present his creative spirit than to put it all out there in the open, and make it up as we go along. The evening will begin at 4pm on the Front Yard of the Burchfield Penney Art Center, with an array of spirited musical voices from Buffalo and beyond, leading to a special performance of his poetry with musical accompaniment courtesy of the Blue Lazer band. An open-to-all anything-goes improvisational homage will follow as the sun sets. At dark, a video tribute will illuminate the front of the art-center and the memories of those who knew him, as a reminder of the light he continues to shine on us all. Beam on, Blue Lazer.

at Burchfield Penney Art Center


Thu, Aug 024-8:30 pmBlessing
Thu, Aug 024-5 pmBCAT Performance Ensemble (front yard)
Thu, Aug 025-5:45 pmMy Rap Name is Alex (stage)
Thu, Aug 025:45-6:30 pm4 B-LO (front yard)
Thu, Aug 026:45-7:30 pmRockNRoll Chorus (front yard)
Thu, Aug 027:30-8 pmBlue Lazer (with Composite Community Poetry)
Thu, Aug 027:30-8 pmComposite Community Poetry (with backing instrumentals by Blue Lazer band)
Thu, Aug 027:30-8:30 pmImprovisational Tonic.... Impro Tonic? Something like that (group improv on lawn)
Thu, Aug 028-8:30 pmOpen Busking (open jam for Tim)
Thu, Aug 028-8:30 pmSpace Jam Orchestra (acoustic group improv on lawn)
Thu, Aug 028:30-9:30 pmBlue Lazer Video Tribute (front yard)