FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy

Fragrance of YAH formed a new band called FragranceandJuan Cosmic Energy with her husband Juan. We sing about LOVE exclusively! We are an Afrosoul band playing afrobeat, R&B, Neosoul, Pop, Reggae, Soul, and Smooth Jazz. We have original and cover songs all about LOVE! We fill our environment with Cosmic Energy and Universal Harmony! Everything about us is pure unadulterated LOVE!


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Fri, Jul 276-7 pmThe Alley Cat (Fragrance Solo)
Mon, Jul 306:30-7 pmVillage (inside)(part of Doula La)
Thu, Aug 028-8:30 pmNietzsche's (part of Soul For Your Hole)
Fri, Aug 037-8 pmArt Under the Stars
Sat, Aug 041-2 pmBroadway Market (lobby - Fragrance solo)(part of The Broadway Market Thing)