Jam the Man

Jam the Man! Don't Zoochie that it's time to take a stand? Love the Molice. It's your Kerry Fey-t to Shannon Vanderlaand on your feet. You might say "the patriarchy led to my broken heART,", but The Dance Process of your truth will set you free. Don't be Shianne join us!

at Shianne Waxing Studio


Fri, Aug 036:30-7:15 pmZoochie (back of driveway)
Fri, Aug 037:15-7:45 pmThe Molice (back of driveway)
Fri, Aug 037:45-8:15 pmKerry Fey (back of driveway)
Fri, Aug 038:15-8:45 pmShannon Vanderlaan (back of driveway)
Fri, Aug 038:45-9 pmmy broken heART (starting point)
Fri, Aug 039-9:30 pmThe Dance Process (possible projections on garage door)