Saving Space

A space is made safe by all who inhabit it, so come with compassion to a place for making space for this collection of creative voices; a community-becoming for an evening of mutual understanding and care.

at Nickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth


Tue, Jul 315-8:30 pmthe friendly savages of history textbook lore (side of porch)
Tue, Jul 315-8:30 pmCis Garbage Disposal - $1 (side of porch)
Tue, Jul 315-8:30 pmAcross the Line (side of porch)
Tue, Jul 315:15-6:15 pmTytan (porch)
Tue, Jul 316-8:30 pmDe La Sole (side of porch)
Tue, Jul 316:15-7 pmChris Abbey (porch)
Tue, Jul 316:30-7:30 pmSafeword Presents: Rope Bondage (participants in meeting room, voyeurs in library)
Tue, Jul 317-8 pmOpen Busking (care to share?)
Tue, Jul 317:45-8:15 pmA Difficult Woman
Tue, Jul 317:45-8 pmtheatreFiguren presents "Are You Animal?" (lawn)
Tue, Jul 318-8:45 pmJay Aquarious (porch)
Tue, Jul 318:15-9:45 pmQueering the Map- BIF Edition (meeting room)
Tue, Jul 318:45-9:30 pmTrav1s Tw1n (porch)
Tue, Jul 319:45-10:30 pmLamento BorincaƱo (theater)