I am You as You are Me

The viewer is invited take on the role of artistic collaborator by rearranging the tripartite portraits on the gallery walls. By breaking from the tradition of painting as a one way picture plane, each canvas becomes a vehicle for empathy that allows the the viewer to relate to the artist and the subjects, as each takes on the form of the other. The series is inspired by the surrealist parlour game ‘exquisite corpse’ used derive spontaneous poetry and images from a collective subconscious. I am You as You are Me exists in dialogue with the emerging metamodern conception of the transpersonal perspective as a bridge between collective and individual experience.

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Thu, Jul 26installationMain Street Gallery
Fri, Jul 27installationMain Street Gallery
Sat, Jul 28installationMain Street Gallery
Sun, Jul 29installationMain Street Gallery
Mon, Jul 30installationMain Street Gallery
Tue, Jul 31installationMain Street Gallery
Wed, Aug 01installationMain Street Gallery
Thu, Aug 02installationMain Street Gallery