Growing Pains

Growth is amazing, it often hurts, it can be beautiful. Even as others see the effects of positive personal growth we may be trying to just walk forward in life, carrying our burdens, our joys, our history. I want to make a creature costume of a relativity melancholic character (possibly on 4 stilts i will edit this as i know/try) On its broad back large flora grow among tiny houses. I want to meander around parts of Buffalo to incite narrative, imagination, and a variety of feelings that might come up when seeing it. This character does not speak. It may emit sounds, it may be physically responsive, mostly it just slowly plods along in its life trying to be better.

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Sun, Jul 2910 am-2 pmDays Park (roaming)(part of Kidfringement pt. 2: Little Monsters You Know)
Fri, Aug 036-9 pmStreets of Buffalo (roaming)