Distorted Buffalo

Come explore the surreal side of Buffalo in this photographic exhibit. Focusing on well known local architecture and other landmarks. Images are multiple exposed in camera to create a fresh new perspective.

Website: www.filmxposed.com

Social media: Insta> https://www.instagram.com/jeannine.swallow/ Facebook >https://www.facebook.com/FilmXposed/


Thu, Jul 26installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Fri, Jul 27installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Sat, Jul 28installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Sun, Jul 29installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Mon, Jul 30installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Tue, Jul 31installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Wed, Aug 01installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Thu, Aug 02installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Fri, Aug 03installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Sat, Aug 04installationSpot Coffee Hertel
Sun, Aug 05installationSpot Coffee Hertel