Manny Fried Playhouse

Address: 255 Great Arrow Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207



Thu, Jul 269-10 pmCinderella X
Fri, Jul 279-10 pmCinderella X
Sat, Jul 289-10 pmCinderella X
Sun, Jul 295-7 pmLife of a New Age Singer
Wed, Aug 016:30-8 pmStaging Intimacy Safely Workshop
Thu, Aug 027-8 pmChildren of Heaven
Thu, Aug 029-10 pmCinderella X
Fri, Aug 036:30-8 pmStaging Intimacy Safely Workshop
Fri, Aug 039-10 pmCinderella X
Sat, Aug 045-6 pmChildren of Heaven
Sat, Aug 049-10 pmCinderella X
Sun, Aug 052-3 pmChildren of Heaven