Tumultum and Suono Libero

Free Noise performing five times this infringement: Three as a solo act with a loop station and a condenser mic and two as a duo. 2 as a Duo in the Karpeles Space (Porter and North) These 2 sets will be more reflective, semi improvised, exploratory, adjective, and adjective. Performances using Spanish Guitar/Laud/Accordion/Contrabass/Percussion/Violin


Thu, Jul 263-4 pmKarpeles Manuscript Museum North Street
Thu, Jul 269-9:15 pmCaffe Aroma (for open mic intermission)
Fri, Jul 279:30-10:30 pmGiacobbi's Cucina Citta
Sun, Jul 298-9 pmThe Gypsy Parlor
Thu, Aug 023-4 pmKarpeles Manuscript Museum Porter Street
Fri, Aug 039:15-10:15 pmPatience and Precision (part of Patience and Precision's First Friday Gathering )