Utilizing cheap, free, or, recycled materials, I employ various techniques and methods to quickly transform spaces into glowing "psychedelic" wonderlands. My work emphasizes the beauty of geometric forms, and often has a symmetrical balance. As a person of faith, and a proudly proclaimed drug-free individual, the concept of many of my designs revolve around the strange and mysterious worlds of the spiritual and surreal.


Thu, Jul 26installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Fri, Jul 27installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sat, Jul 28installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sun, Jul 29installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Mon, Jul 30installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Tue, Jul 31installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Wed, Aug 01installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Thu, Aug 02installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Fri, Aug 03installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sat, Aug 04installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Sun, Aug 05installationHostel Buffalo-Niagara