Doctor SillyPants

Doctor Sillypants is a homemade all-ages comedy routine. If you thought Mr. Bean, Harpo, or Gary the Silent Clown were funny, you just might enjoy Doctor Sillypants' unique brand of humor. The doctor employs whimsical props, low intensity effects, sight gags, physical humor, and a little audience participation to inventory his collection of curiosities and conduct ridiculous research. In this show, Dr. Sillypants tests his Burping Elixir, Mystery Acid, Germ Detection Goggles, Voice Alteration Gizmo, and Silliness Detector. He will have enough time to also conduct a few silly experiments and feed his lab creature, Splat.


Sat, Jul 289:30 am-12:30 pmBidwell Park (roaming)(part of Kidfringement pt. 1: Thought for Food / Bidwell Farmer's Market I)
Sun, Jul 2910 am-2 pmDays Park (roaming)(part of Kidfringement pt. 2: Little Monsters You Know)