TMIllustrations & Mike Alvarez Art

Taramarie Mitravich and Mike Alvarez are two artists who create drawings and paintings of imaginative, bizarre characters. Taramarie Mitravich delves into the world of horror with nightmarish imagery, creating monsters and ghouls you wouldn't ever want to meet. Mike Alvarez specializes in creating "creepy-cute" characters, both ones he imagines and ones that are his own spin on iconic, pop-culture movie and show characters. Together, they pair up to display a plethora of work that will provoke an eerie chill up your spine followed by a pleasant smile on your face.

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Thu, Jul 26installationGrindhaus
Fri, Jul 27installationGrindhaus
Sat, Jul 28installationGrindhaus
Sun, Jul 29installationGrindhaus
Mon, Jul 30installationGrindhaus
Tue, Jul 31installationGrindhaus
Wed, Aug 01installationGrindhaus
Thu, Aug 02installationGrindhaus
Fri, Aug 03installationGrindhaus
Sat, Aug 04installationGrindhaus
Sun, Aug 05installationGrindhaus