Exploring & Mapping Urban Ecology

Who are our plant and animal neighbors in Buffalo? How do we interact with nature, and what is unique about these pockets of green? This workshop is a participatory endeavor to better understand the fragmented green space in our city. Using direct observation, drawing, writing, discussion, and the collective knowledge of the group, we will explore the wonders of urban ecology hidden in plain sight to build on our own understanding of how the non-human environment survives and adapts in a landscape dominated by humans. Emma Percy is an eco-artist, zine-maker, and facilitator from Buffalo who will be leading this workshop. Weather permitting – dress appropriately!

Website: emmapercy.com

Social media: instagram.com/emmalucillepercy


Sun, Jul 294-6 pmLaSalle Park (away from bandshell)(part of Muttonfest: Infringement at LaSalle)
Sun, Aug 054-6 pmDays Park (exploring, mapping)