Flex Godd

FlexGodd is a Young 19 Year old Music artist who has grown up in darkness and emerged from the other side engulfed in positive energy and he now makes it his mission to spread this energy and show people that even through their darkest times That there is an escape and That he is that escape So come enjoy Positive Vybes, Good Energy, and a Good Time

Social media: Facebook:FlexGodd/Instagram:GoddFlex


Fri, Aug 039:45-10:15 pmMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Hip Hop Showcase)
Sat, Aug 043:15-3:45 pmBroadway Market (garage)(part of The Broadway Market Thing)
Sun, Aug 052:15-2:45 pmHolly Farms Parking Lot(part of Megafringe at Holly Farms)
Sun, Aug 054-4:30 pmElmwood Market (hiphop side)(part of Megafringe: Word On The Street)