Sunny & the Moonbird Perform: Tighten Up

Sunny & the Moonbird is a duet consisting of performers Jessie Soto and Jonathan Wolf. This project is a blend of movement and music. Jessie will be dancing, while Jonathan will be singing. The song being covered is “Tighten Up” originally by The Black Keys and will be set in an acoustic style of music. The type of movement performed will fit in the categories of Modern/Contemporary/Lyrical. For the performance, Jonathan will be standing in place; Jessie will be moving around the stage/designated area. Costumes will not be extremely elaborate but will have more of a modern/hip style. Both performers are looking for an opportunity to showcase their passion for what they do while bringing a pleasing aesthetic to the audience!


Thu, Jul 268-8:15 pmNietzsche's (part of Opening Ceremonies)
Fri, Aug 038-8:15 pmCould Be 41 Elmwood(part of Unusual Faire)