Tour De Fringe

From opening to closing ceremonies, Infringement is a journey, but which route will you take? Join us on your bike and see where you end up!!! This festival long scavenger hunt encourages participants to get out and INFRINGE EVERYDAY by bringing them to as many events as possible, including ones they didn't know about or even realize they would be interested in!! See all the magic of local artists in the most magical way possible: on a bike!!


Thu, Jul 26installationStreets of Buffalo
Fri, Jul 27installationStreets of Buffalo
Sat, Jul 28installationStreets of Buffalo
Sun, Jul 29installationStreets of Buffalo
Mon, Jul 30installationStreets of Buffalo
Tue, Jul 31installationStreets of Buffalo
Wed, Aug 01installationStreets of Buffalo
Thu, Aug 02installationStreets of Buffalo
Fri, Aug 03installationStreets of Buffalo
Sat, Aug 04installationStreets of Buffalo
Sun, Aug 05installationStreets of Buffalo