Emci Kyng

Eclectic rhythms, aerodynamic flow and a profusion of biblical acoustic soul, Emci Kyng arrives on sets armed his musical accouterments; rod & staff, djembe drum, six string guitar and vocal tones. His passion for music started in church as a young boy when he would listen to his mother practice with the church choir for hours on end several times a week. By the age of four, he was playing percussion and volunteering himself to sing solo during services. At nine, Kyng was taking drum lessons, which gave him the opportunity to perform at festivals packed with audiences eager to enjoy music. His mother a songwriter and singer and his father a former promoter, manager and rapper himself, Emci Kyng was bound to develop a connection with music. For his education, he was homeschooled up until the age of 15, where he entered Erie County Community College as a part time student, graduating from high school a year and some change later. He has dabbled in foreign languages such as Latin and Spanish, and has had training in trade skills such as Brick masonry, Carpentry, and Locksmithing. When the opportunity was presented, Kyng traveled to places outside the U.S, such as Toronto, Canada and Cuba. Musical Expression Emci Kyng has many different styles of music to express himself. He learned that by taking Psalms from the Bible and adding a melody to them, that he could create something emotionally piercing, but catchy. When he raps, the mood is eclectic, melodic and relaxed. When he combined private tutoring and YouTube guitar lessons, he learned to combine his singing and guitar skills to compose songs. When he feels inspired, he creates melodies on the piano and sings over them. More recently, he has paired himself with a mastermind producer; Joseph Jacobs whose beats have been the inspiration for songs like ‘Break it Down’, and ‘Time To Embrace’. Musical Sound Emci Kyng brings the mental acuity and verbal prowess of artist double his age. His melodic trimmings and intentionality behind his lyrical design and concepts mirror his thought on social and political issues relevant to his time and through history. Emci Kyng possess a deep love for humanity and works to convey to his listeners a reflective and analytical view to help enhance their quality of life and question their current narrative. As a musician, he has captivated listeners with his sounds performing as far as Havana, Cuba and domestically in various cities and states throughout the USA. A student of music, he is constantly immersed in various music circuits, seeking to contribute and learn to help develop himself. In 2017, he connected with a former mentee of his father, a burgeoning music producer of Chill Hop music; the aforementioned Joseph Jacobs. The two formed an immediate kindred connection and began working. Emci Kyng wants to travel Africa, Europe and places like Cuba, to share his music and connect with different cultures. When he is not working on his music, he is working on editing and publishing his book.

Social media: FB & Soundcloud--- Emci Kyng Instagram--- kingdcsw


Sat, Aug 043:45-4:15 pmBroadway Market (garage)(part of The Broadway Market Thing)
Sun, Aug 054:30-5 pmElmwood Market (poetry side)(part of Megafringe: Word On The Street)
Sun, Aug 055:30-6 pmElmwood Market (hiphop side)(part of Megafringe: Word On The Street)