Handbuilt Paper Art

A series of images crafted into handmade papers using different comes of recycled office paper pulp. Each handbuilt sheet is one-of-a-kind and comes matted and ready to frame.

Website: www.papercraftmiracles.com

Social media: www.facebook.com/papercraftmiracles , instagram.com/papercraftmiracles , Twitter.com/papermiracle


Thu, Jul 26installationCaffe Aroma
Fri, Jul 27installationCaffe Aroma
Sat, Jul 28installationCaffe Aroma
Sun, Jul 29installationCaffe Aroma
Mon, Jul 30installationCaffe Aroma
Tue, Jul 31installationCaffe Aroma
Wed, Aug 01installationCaffe Aroma
Thu, Aug 02installationCaffe Aroma
Fri, Aug 03installationCaffe Aroma
Sat, Aug 04installationCaffe Aroma
Sun, Aug 05installationCaffe Aroma