Goofs n' Games

Pizza Tank Top Show is a DIY sketch comedy web series in the vein of Adult Swim classics such as Tim and Eric and The Eric Andre Show along with classical sketch comedy shows of the past. Created and produced by Pizza Tank Top Bro (occasional Buffalo open mic comedian Bryan Anderson), the show features outlandish skits and music intended to joke you off and make you pee your pants. Trials of the Sorceress is a turn-based tactics role-playing game set in a fantasy world of diminutive creatures in big spaces. The game is currently in development with no current web presence. This will be the first time the game is presented publicly with a playable demo. Along with the demo of Trials of the Sorceress, a number of short gag games will be available to play: Saddam’s Escape, DemonStar, and Stack’em Sally. The games will be presented within faux-arcade cabinets that will sit on a table top.



Sun, Aug 051-3 pmCould Be 41 Elmwood