That Virginia

That Virginia is a mix of strange feelings, warm weather wishes, and stomach butterflies. Virginia was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and she brings the tropical warmth of her roots to her genre-bending performance, while often singing about the not so warm truth of emotions, humanity, and other oddities. Virginia's songs often speak of emotions we avoid talking about, the urgency of experiencing life, and empowering thoughts. With influences like Brandi Carlile, Lady Lamb, Trevor Hall, and Ana Carolina, That Virginia brings to the table thought-provoking and motivating lyrics, peculiar melodies, and a sprinkle of her Brazilian roots, while delivering a rich performance that hits softly in the audience's emotional gut, bringing tears, joy, happiness, and sorrow, quite often in one punch.


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Sat, Jul 288-8:45 pmRevolution Gallery
Sun, Jul 295:15-6 pmHot Mama's(part of Hot Mama's Sunday Sonic Smorgasbord )