Atmospheric Tableaux

An entity surrounded by their environment is a universal concept, whether it is from what we call reality or in the realm of the subconscious. In my current body of work, I explore Bio-morphic forms accompanied by the mark of human existence and in such hints of technology are set in naturalistic atmospheres. Forms that we can hold in our hand, translate to a world of expansive space scapes. In these paintings mans relationship to nature is exploited to create surrealistic landscapes.


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Thu, Jul 26installationMain Street Gallery
Fri, Jul 27installationMain Street Gallery
Sat, Jul 28installationMain Street Gallery
Sun, Jul 29installationMain Street Gallery
Mon, Jul 30installationMain Street Gallery
Tue, Jul 31installationMain Street Gallery
Wed, Aug 01installationMain Street Gallery
Thu, Aug 02installationMain Street Gallery