Hamartia is the ultimate product of all of my creative energies and desires for catharsis. It combines a love of avantgarde and confrontational live theater, with harsh and experimental noise, and crushes that all into a trash compactor with bizarre and mind-melting visuals that assault and afflict the audience, and send us all into a state beyond that of normal existence. Hamartia addresses a variety of personal and global topics, in a very dark, direct, and emotional way. Self-made films are projected during the set, and a collective band made of anybody who desires to join in on the act provides a backbone to the noise sounds that I generate. But this is no fun jazzy jam band, this is the sounds of authentic human suffering and pain, but on display for all to see and relate to. The core element of Hamartia is the communal destruction. TVs, computers, radios, speakers, all manner of breakable objects are procured, and hammers, crowbars, chains, and all alike items are offered to the audience and those willing to take the brave step forward, and release their suffering alongside me, become a part of the act, and join in the communal destruction. After the show is over, everyone walks away changed and altered by what they just witnessed, forever marked by having experienced Buffalo's most fierce act - Hamartia.

Website: https://hamartiathefatalflaw.bandcamp.com/

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/HamartiaTheFatalFlaw/


Fri, Jul 278:30-9 pmCould Be 41 Elmwood(part of Noise Inordinance II)