Icarus Breathes / Not Cool

A DJ playing a mixture of his own music and the music he loves.

Website: www.soundcloud.com/icarus-breathes || www.mixcloud.com/notcool


Sat, Jul 284-4:30 pmPussywillow Gallery (plays music between breaks )(part of Purple Sparkly Unicorn Potluck Party)
Sun, Jul 294:15-4:45 pmNickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth (off to side, btwx sets)(part of The Lawn Disco)
Fri, Aug 037:30-9 pmDays Park (silent disco)(part of Disco Park)
Sat, Aug 0410-11 pmMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Electro-Hop Showcase)