Pussywillow Gallery

Address: 141 Elmwood Ave


Sat, Jul 284-4:30 pmIcarus Breathes / Not Cool (plays music between breaks )(Purple Sparkly Unicorn Potluck Party)
Sat, Jul 284:30-5 pmTytan(Purple Sparkly Unicorn Potluck Party)
Sat, Jul 285:30-6 pmVira/ VER|S|A(Purple Sparkly Unicorn Potluck Party)
Sat, Jul 286:30-7:15 pmMimi Loco and the Drama Queens(Purple Sparkly Unicorn Potluck Party)
Mon, Jul 305-6 pmPirate Fight Club®
Mon, Jul 306-8 pmLearning Peace
Mon, Jul 308-8:30 pmJules Cut Loose
Tue, Jul 315-6:30 pmCRAFTING! The Art of Money for Artists
Wed, Aug 016-6:30 pmPrattletales(Saying Down the Law)
Wed, Aug 016:30-7:30 pmTraumatic: Words of life and Survival(Saying Down the Law)
Wed, Aug 017:30-9 pmErotica Open Mic: Featuring Abby Rose(Saying Down the Law)
Fri, Aug 036-9 pmCis Garbage Disposal - $1 (porch)
Fri, Aug 036-8:30 pmAcross the Line (driveway, tent)
Fri, Aug 039-10 pmStone Butch Blues Live Reading


Thu, Jul 26installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Fri, Jul 27installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Sat, Jul 28installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Sun, Jul 29installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Mon, Jul 30installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Tue, Jul 31installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Wed, Aug 01installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Thu, Aug 02installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Fri, Aug 03installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Sat, Aug 04installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)
Sun, Aug 05installationInfringement in Bloom (front yard)