Super-Tugger is a punk rock band from Buffalo, NY. We came together from various other local bands, including Rhubarb, The Viva Noir, and the Pinheads, in the Fall of 2014 to play the annual Joe Strummer / Strummerville tribute show at the Town Ballroom. At the time we called ourselves The Card Cheats and specialized in performing deep cuts from The Clash. Sharing a mutual love and appreciation for all things 70's and 80's punk, we moved on to covering more bands like the Stooges, Damned, Dead Kennedy, Sex Pistols and Bad Brains. After mastering 50 of so classics and gigging around to supportive crowds throughout Western NY, it was time to start writing our own originals.

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Sun, Jul 294:30-5:15 pmLaSalle Park(part of Muttonfest: Infringement at LaSalle)