Blessing is an Augmented Reality application for smart phones… And who doesn’t need a blessing now and again? The application augments your camera feed with a virtual character who blesses you with a gesture and audio-visual shower. The application was inspired by the blessing of a Buddhist monk, it invokes a relationship with mother earth, but makes no other spiritual assumptions and has no religious affiliation.



Thu, Jul 26installationThe Internet
Thu, Jul 268-11:30 pmNietzsche's (tabling)(part of Opening Ceremonies)
Fri, Jul 27installationThe Internet
Sat, Jul 28installationThe Internet
Sun, Jul 29installationThe Internet
Mon, Jul 306:30-8:30 pmVillage (porch)(part of Doula La)
Mon, Jul 30installationThe Internet
Tue, Jul 31installationThe Internet
Wed, Aug 01installationThe Internet
Thu, Aug 024-8:30 pmBurchfield Penney Art Center(part of Barging Into the Burch': Lazer Blues)
Thu, Aug 02installationThe Internet
Fri, Aug 036-9 pmVillage
Fri, Aug 03installationThe Internet
Sat, Aug 04installationThe Internet
Sun, Aug 05installationThe Internet
Sun, Aug 058-11:30 pmNietzsche's (tabling)(part of Closing Ceremonies / Iffy Awards)