Hailing from Buffalo, NY Disraeli is the moniker of a part psych/folk/pop part noise musician/producer/engineer. In 2016, after a stressful end to his college career he made his first album So Long, Island to give some sense of purpose. 2018 he proposed a monthly ~30 minute soft ambient/noise with a bonus short song in his 43800 Minutes series and plans on a new release in 2019, playing material to be featured.

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/DisraeliMusic/


Sat, Jul 283-3:30 pmUrban Roots (vocal set, garden area, tent)(part of Indie Gadda-Da-Vida)
Sun, Jul 293:15-4 pmHot Mama's(part of Hot Mama's Sunday Sonic Smorgasbord )
Fri, Aug 037-7:30 pmBuffalo Big Print (storefront, noise set)
Fri, Aug 038:30-9 pmBuffalo Big Print (storefront, song set)
Sat, Aug 047-7:45 pmRudeboyz Artworks