Infringement in Bloom

Infringement In Bloom Infringement in Bloom is not a mocking of the beautiful gardens being displayed in Buffalo but to a be a humorous complement to it. The main purpose of this installation is to invite those who have been poking around in the backyards of Buffalo gardens…to poke around in the creative minds of Buffalo’s alternative art scene. The installation will be part yarn bomb, part artificial guerrilla gardening, part billboard. If you can imagine a garden of astroturf, hundreds of plastic flowers, pinwheels and whirligigs, enormous flowers made out of a discarded solo cups and forgotten fidget spinners…..and brought together in a web of yard… you might envision the garden I want to display to you. But the most important feature…would be a flamboyance of plastic flamingos Imprinted with the infringement website page that lists this years events. Heidi Jones has graciously given permission for this project to germinate outside her law firm at 141 Elmwood.


Thu, Jul 26installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Fri, Jul 27installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Sat, Jul 28installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Sun, Jul 29installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Mon, Jul 30installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Tue, Jul 31installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Wed, Aug 01installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Thu, Aug 02installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Fri, Aug 03installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Sat, Aug 04installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Sun, Aug 05installationPussywillow Gallery (front yard)