Daily calendar

Monday, July 30

noon-7 pmOpen BuskingAllentown Music (BYOBand, out front)
noon-5 pmOpen BuskingAntique Man (out front)
noon-2 pmOpen BuskingGrindhaus (acoustic, out front)
noon-3 pmOpen BuskingSweetness 7 (patio, acoustic)
5-6 pmrussianhands and romanfingersAntique Man (storefront busking)
5-6 pmPirate Fight Club®Pussywillow Gallery
5:30-7:30 pmCurtis LovellNietzsche's
6-7 pmSound Along In The StairwellHostel Buffalo-Niagara
6-6:45 pmChris AbbeyMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Musical Monday)
6-9 pm2 Stamp GirlsMilkies Elmwood Loungecancelled
6-8 pmLearning PeacePussywillow Gallery
6:30-8 pmSave InfringementAllentown Association Office
6:30-8:30 pmBlessingVillage (porch)(part of Doula La)
6:30-7 pmFragranceandJuan Cosmic EnergyVillage (inside)(part of Doula La)
6:30-9 pmAcross the LineVillage (porch)(part of Doula La)
7-9:30 pmI, WOMXN9th Ward @ Babeville
7-7:45 pmKevin J. PrenticeMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Musical Monday)
7-7:15 pmtheatreFiguren presents "Are You Animal?"Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo (garden)
7-7:30 pmIt's All Too Fast-- Musings on MotherhoodVillage (inside)(part of Doula La)
7:30-8 pmWitchician, Heal Thyself!Village (inside)(part of Doula La)
8-8:30 pmCall Me WinkieHostel Buffalo-Niagara
8-8:45 pmDave Michaels BandMilkies Elmwood Lounge(part of Milkie's Musical Monday)
8-9 pmKevin BloomNietzsche's
8-8:30 pmJules Cut LoosePussywillow Gallery
8-8:15 pmtheatreFiguren presents "Are You Animal?"Village (lawn)(part of Doula La)
8:15-8:45 pmastraea beamingVillage (inside)(part of Doula La)
8:30-9:30 pmBlue Lazer Video TributeBurchfield Penney Art Center (front yard)
8:45-9:15 pmNew Cunts on the BlockVillage (inside)(part of Doula La)
9 pm-1 amOpen MicNietzsche's
H.P. Lovecraft Art show Buffalovecraft!125 Art Collective
Huge Rainbow Hopscotch125 Art Collective (sidewalk)
SurfaceArtspace Buffalo
The Comrades CollectionCafe Taza
Handbuilt Paper Art Caffe Aroma
2-D TaxidermyGrindhaus
Anatomy of AnxietyGrindhaus
TMIllustrations & Mike Alvarez ArtGrindhaus
cute in the darkHostel Buffalo-Niagara
PsyscapesHostel Buffalo-Niagara
Art by OscarMain Street Gallery
For Colored GirlsMain Street Gallery
I am You as You are MeMain Street Gallery
Rubber SoulsMain Street Gallery
Skeletons,Devils & PoliticsMain Street Gallery
Suck my dickMain Street Gallery
They Flew Off the WallMain Street Gallery
Atmospheric TableauxMain Street Gallery
Various Paper Installations by Janna Willoughby-LohrMain Street Gallery
Road WorkMatinee
Tangled RecordsMohawk Place
Buffalo Builds Bad CharacterMohawk Place
Infringement in BloomPussywillow Gallery (front yard)
Get Me Out of My Head Part 3.14159265359Rustbelt Books
Vira Needle Shianne Waxing Studio
Smooth ExplosionSpot Coffee Hertel
Distorted BuffaloSpot Coffee Hertel
Tour De FringeStreets of Buffalo
Wooden Wheat Paste ArtStreets of Buffalo (various locations)
BlessingThe Internet