What do the numbers which occur in the Citrix error codes mean? Is it possible to open the Centura Report file on a different machine and with other applications? Is it possible to suspend particular users for a period of time during the test? The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure. Cannot change Security Modes within SilkMeter What can cause the error “PDCE:

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How do I customize my SMTP email script so that on replay I can read obdc a file sqql post this off to the email recipient? Cannot perform this command while a document is being updated in background! How can I format an 8 byte floating point number to a currency value of two decimal places? How can I print out a graph that has been generated in the Results Repository?

In Odb can I combine 2 or more SilkPerformer licenses in order to increase the number of virtual users I can run in a load test? How do I add timers for web pages when recording at Browser Level? How can I identify the client jar files that my Oracle forms application uses? Memory leak on agent machine during browser driven load test.


How do I install the WAP sample application? The system maybe out of memory.

Connection Failed ; Login Failed for user ‘sa’

serve How do I set up a test workload so that the arrival rate remains constant at x transactions per second in versions of SilkPerformer prior to 6. What is the cause?

How can I exclude embedded objects from raising errors on replay? How can I read the entire contents of a file without hardcoding the number of bytes to be read?

Login failed for [SQLSTATE 28000] (Error 18456) the step failed SQL Server

Is it possible to change Mivrosoft project attributes via command line? What does the error: Recording the Safari browser with Silk Performer. What features of dynaTrace are excluded from the Borland edition of dynaTrace?

Is it possible to include functions from an external DLL that returns value in a structure? How do I manually uninstall SilkPerformer if the uninstaller tool gets corrupted?

Connection Failed ; Login Failed for user ‘sa’

Please select another location to extract the installer to” error when trying to install SilkPerformer. Does SilkPerformer support recording of a Citrix published application? I cannot type 00 in the hours, minutes and seconds field when using the remerge wizard in Performance Explorer? How do Sdrver ensure all of my virtual users read from their own unique data file?


How can Werver write out the value of a variable from Silk Performer into a multi-column. Description of “Override System incidents” functionality. How can I configure and record mixed Protocols in Silk Performer?

Incorrect specification of opening and closing brackets within WebXmlParseNodeAttribute function when parsing from TrueLog Explorer leading to a compile error. Does Silk Performer support the testing of Oracle Discoverer reporting tool?

If a server resets a connection, is the connection registered as a new “Connects Successful” in the overview report?

After using the Parameter Wizard to customize micrksoft why does the script read the wrong row from the CSV file? Oracle driver missing when connecting to database.

Can 2 different products, e. What does the Histogram in “Page Timers” section of the Overview report represent? It will be reinitialized at next execution’.