I tested mine with IRCjr from Mike. They are not ne compatible. EXE this is a link to it, i could not attach as it would not let me attach a zip larger than 97k here for some reason: So if I understand, we must use the 3c I also changed IRQ to 5. JT64, I can keep an eye open for you on the domestic market as well. However, the 3cB will only work in a computer with a or higher processor.

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I use an ne clone based on the realtek chipset with the ne NDIS driver. I wonder what’s preventing me from going further.

The driver was not “hacked”, anymore so than any piece of software that needs to be modified in some sense, to work with a variant on the norm. Pioneer SX, fully serviced! Now that the programming part has been done, there is no more headache.

3Com EtherLink III 3c TPO ISA [Archive] – Vintage Computer Forum

Is the issue whether a number of PC XT’s and clones will be fitted with hardware not intended for those? Indeed only a few PC compatibles have that kind of configuration. I did a Google search and found an online store that had a stock of them. EXE utility would help this.


Who knows maybe some assembler guru make the 3cB driver work.

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Feeling lucky, is the 3cB compatible with using NE drivers? EXE will run to disable plug and play? But it 3cpm have to be forced to made to work for your needs. In my case, it’s on a homebrew computer system Flea86 with a some basic 8-bit ISA support bolted on. I can see port led flash though like something indeed coming thru to router, but maybe i do dso wrong way and must have a web browser to test?

I know this is a little off topic, but will the ne work in an 8 bit slot and a v20? The packet driver detects my card perfectly, but then DHCP fails to work.

I also got two very similar cards, with another maker chips, google too says they should be NE compatible. 3co, with SMC 83c chip, the other one with smc 83c Has anybody tested similar card? Those should match in the manufacturer database. You will have to use the original driver.

Yes the one that I used for tests. I prefer to do some programming that let me reuse some spare cards more than buying other “historically correct” cards.


3Com 3c509

But it is virtually impossible to check what interrupt is used by an LPT port. That seem like a doz way to do it, without an oldfashion switch, was there switches that had a connection for AUI ports?

I would says all three cards are the same design and chip, only different makers. I have a CT inside now terribly doos, and as midi device the OPL pretty much sucks at least for me. For that matter, 3Com 3CB has worked in a 8-bit slot already from day 1, just that you needed a processor in order to use the packet driver.

Getting off soap box now EXE utility 3clm online and configure it in the following manner. I think you will need the packet driver found in the unix section. How many instructions lines of code did you need to change, how long time? Or would there be more to it? Again for me historic accuracy, while important, is secondary.