The HP 17 Tri-Color Inkjet Print Cartridge features fast-drying ink that resists smudging, delivers vibrant, photo-quality color output, and is compatible with a variety of papers and films to deliver clear, sharp results every time. I’ve also noticed that the socket for the black ink does not have one. I understand that you are unable to print in color from your HP Deskjet c printer. Only the green lite at the top is flashing when doc printing is in progress. When her daughter tried to print something, it started printing and then suddenly stopped, ejected the paper and the print cartridge light started blinking so the printer will not print. My printer HP Deskjet C was not used for about 1 year, now when i connect the power cable to the electrical socket and turns on the printer, as soon as the printer turns on the green light for power turns but the orange light for the paper keeps blinking even though the printer tray is feeded with paper, the cartridges moves after i applied some lubricant to the printer cradle, but a strange noise is heard when the printer is turned on, when i opened the printer to see what is the sound, i found out that the motor to the right side of the printer which helps in pulling the printer nozzel cleaner tray in and out was not able to turn the other wheel which helps in operating the printer nozzel tray to move forward and backward slips which was making the noise, the motor is fine and working but the other wheel connected to the motor was slipping and making the noise, help please! Did you ever get this problem resolved?


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International orders are processed the next shipping day. Someone gave me a 2nd hand c. The “strange symbols” are caused by a corrupted driver.

Posted on Jan 10, Will try them tomorrow at work. HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet Hi, My Deskjet c does weird things, it can print one paper without trouble but when I need to print more than one paper it fails into trouble: If a paper jam occurs, the printer malfunctions and prints page prinh page of strange symbols.

I verified the driver and it is compatible. If you have 4 different cartridges, put them one after another in the printer. Check that you removed the protective tape. Rated 840f out of 5 by suebeedoo from Can’t find it in the stores I first thought maybe the printer driver was corrupted.

HP Deskjet c problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

If you do not, in spite of ink being in the cartridge it is defective. Just wish it was not so expensive and that it came in a twin pack. It should be happy.

Recently changed my colour cartridge in C Now it won’t print colour. Has anyone else had this problem? The printer got jammed and so I pulled the paper out and since then the orange light below the green on light keeps blinking even when pressed. Posted on Nov 2, The pfint light and paper light started blinking simultaneously.


My printer Hp 840c is not printing colour prints?

The paper feed light starts blinking and we have to manual push the paper feed button to stop it from blinking. The printer would print every other page then stop until I turned the paper and pressed continue.

I think it behaves as if the paper is jammed inside the printer, though I’m not sure about this. The engineering required to produce such a cartridge has, at least for me, resulted in an HP 17 that caused my printer to malfunction.

Its been like a Chevy of the printer world. However now when I select ‘Colour’ as the required ‘option’ it just prints a page full of ‘Black Dots’ rather like larger versions of the dots used in ‘newsprint’ to re-produce photographs.

I had a wierd problem. Nov 28, 1: Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.

prinf Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! My c printer will only print black not colour. Since you have a new Intel Mac, check the web site for the manufacturer of your printer to see if they have a Universal version of the printer driver. Hello Guys, my printer is not printing the color Red Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant.