OBR say few months ago before ivybridge presentation that ivy chips are hot very hot and the air overcloking as well don’t run very well like sandy Retrieved 16 January Where have you seen direct clk v clk comparison of trinity vs bd? I can understand the frustration but maybe stop and think about all of this and wait for official news not from “trusted unnamed sources”. We’ll have to get more specifics about what’s happening here.

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The time now is All FX-series processors are unlocked unless otherwise specified.

Performance numbers aside theres still one very strong reason to buy a intel CPU – power usage. Google search for Vishera scoped to previous year returns s,ip launch date as 3rd quarter ofe.

That was my only point. How do you know?

I agree what i said was for sure dude! Retrieved from ” https: Note, that mobile trinity also on time. From a budget standpoint it made no sense for me to stick with AMD.

But this feat would require either a miracle of engineering or a serious bug in BDver1’s FP unit or load buffer leading to FP unit which they successful remedied. My sandybridge chips were better clockers than my current Ivy. If this is a legit rumor, then call i can say is “ouch” I was pretty excited by the BD hype, was planning to buy one. Komodo was to launch in on the FM2 socketbut this never happened.


Piledriver (microarchitecture)

Ironing out those kinks! AMD to skip Piledriver and place hopes on Steamroller If this is a legit rumor, then call i can say is “ouch” Given AMD’s abysmal track record on execution over the past few years, this statement doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling.: They are not skipping Piledriver, the author of the text at VRzone is making things up.

AMD won’t skip Piledriver,server parts are launching next month and desktop is following soon after that. Desktop PD has additional L3 and turbo.

HWZ Forums

Probably the famous bulldozer new stepping that should have been on sale start of The Bulldozer was a step back tk a lot of ways IPC, power, cache issues, heat. They are absolutely horrible in every possible way. This is total BS I’m afraid. Windows 8 supports CMT-based CPUs out of the box by addressing each core as logical cores and modules as physical cores.

Piledriver isn’t an evolution over Bulldozer as such, and is more of a incremental update to the architecture.


You mean Steamroller FX? This is just a piss take now, they release graph after graph after graph suggesting the idea that the new bulldozer architecture is going to be amazing, yet we are yet to see a single proper benchmark. poledriver

[AMD] This looks promising – skip Piledriverand bet on Steamroller –

Anyways Curious anybody compare fx piledrkver the new trinity’s? AMD to skip Piledriver and place hopes on Steamroller. Or maybe they can take their time and dump Steamroller too and try getting Excavator right? Results 1 to 25 of As for the Trinity FX i dont expect much the on the other hand is a nice piece of arse. Originally Posted by informal.

Can’t wait to see the 2nd and the 3rd gen APUs. List of AMD microprocessors.