If it is not in the man pages or the how-to’s this is the place! Rather, I should say I’m happy with the hardware as well as the software. June 28th, 4. Join Date Dec Beans 3. Comments On Build This was a smooth build.

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Driver “nvidia” Busid “PCI: If any ground was sufficient they could just use one big capacitor – there is a reason they use many capacitors close to the chips’ ground pins, and many grounds to the case.


It is indeed important to avoid washers etherneet order to provide the multiple, short ground routes that the screw holes-to-case contacts provide. That means these folders are stored in memory only, which is lost when the system is shut off. A note on conventions: SP2, hotpatches, special drivers, and even make your install unattended where it will completely install without having to answer a bunch of stupid questions.

Therefore, as it’s used below, it will remove everything beginning with “nvidia.


The ethernet port has a mostly-solid yellow light. Post-install, the system booted fine, video and all. The Atheros network adapter was indeed faded out, and the Microsoft page told me to uninstall it. DangmanFeb 16, I personally couldn’t be happier with zsus setup.

I located the swap partition on my rpm conventional hard drive. If you know how please leave a comment [at http: I located my rarely used!

[all variants] Asus P5Q Pro with Attansic gigabit nic won’t work

In programing, the sign is often used to insert comments into a program for later referance. I don’t think I booted Windows without re-OCing though. I did use them with separate NIC, but as I was concerned that something else might have broken too, so I returned them. I did a Google search for your chipset and Linux and didn’t get etbernet many relevant hits.

You have the P5Q Pro? I first tried to install the bit version, but when it was at live CD, X kept crashing on me about every 10 seconds X would restart itself. Thoughts and Conclusion I decided to roll back to Kubuntu 8.


Video Video etherent was p5 for playing videos so I installed the binary Nvidia driver. I’ll try a LiveCD. It is just that having researched this a bit on the web it seems that it is not simple and there are a lot of posts suggesting people have failed to set up. I left cfq as the scheduler for the conventional drives. The time now is That’s what partition backups and battery UPS are for. You can also use noop, but thus far I think deadline behaves a little better.

I always seem to screw up my first install of an OS, and have to repeat the process. Windows XP system on the conventional drive.

Any thoughts about getting one of these? Note the quotes replace the periods. July 3rd, June 27th, 1.