Insert a filter driver in the class list The following command uses the DevCon ClassFilter operation to add a fictitious filter driver, MyFilter. DigiBoard intelligent serial cards dgb 4 driver. The following command displays all device classes on the computer. In response, DevCon displays a Hardware Installation warning explaining that the driver has not passed Windows Logo testing. Booting from these controllers is supported.

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The following list shows the filter drivers for the DiskDrive class before the command is submitted.

The at character prefixed to the ID identifies the string as a device instance ID. Install a device Example It then saves the status in the status.

Printers and parallel adaoter conversion cables ulpt 4 driver. Floppy drives fdc 4 driver. Because it is not positioned on a particular driver, DevCon adds the Disklog driver to the end of the filter driver list. The following command uses the DevCon Update operation to replace the current device driver for communication ports on the system with a test driver specified in the test.

The start operator is necessary because the virtual cursor moves only forward through the list. Logical Disk Manager Driver is running.



List classes on the remote computer. RAS Async Adapter 7 matching device s found. Cyclades Cyclom-Y serial board cy 4 driver. In response, DevCon displays the upper filter drivers for the DiskDrive class and confirms that it did not change them.

AdvanSys ABP Cardbus Ultra SCSI Adapter Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

The command places MyFilter. PC-compatible joysticks joy 4 driver. This file, and other release-related documents, can scs downloaded from http: The following command uses the DevCon Status operation to find the status of all devices on the local computer. ARNET serial cards ar 4 driver.

Change the order of filter drivers. EasyIO stl 4 driver. The zip file includes the driver and the inf file.

For example, the following command displays the status of all legacy devices. The following command uses the DevCon DriverFiles operation to list the file names of drivers that devices on the system use. Floppy disk drive Driver is running. Find devices by hardware ID pattern Example List the driver files of a particular xl.

FreeBSD/i RELEASE Hardware Notes

Disable devices by an ID pattern. The single quote character ‘which requests a literal search, prevents DevCon from interpreting the asterisk in the ID as a wildcard character.


The command uses the – symbol parameter to add the new hardware ID to the end of the hardware ID list for the device, in case a preferred hardware ID has been created for one of the devices. Scan the computer for new devices.

Device Console (DevCon.exe) Examples

A kernel with the PAE feature enabled will detect memory above 4 gigabytes and allow it to be used by the system. In response, DevCon reports that it has installed the device, that is, it has created a device node for the new device and updated the driver files for the device.

Enable devices by class DevCon Disable Example On computers that sccsi Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Group Policy disables remote access to the service adaoter default.