Sound wise this driver is unique from most every other driver on the market. Callaway definitely has some amazing tech going on in the driver department, and with that in mind, this driver is at a very attractive price and might prove to be a bargain for some players! Shots are not consistent due to the poor tip and torque engineering. This is a good indicator of what this club can do. When the driver is flipped over the real excitement begins. I imagine this was discussion that Callaway had and decided in order to produce the best driver they had better make it as simple as possible.

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I was sold on this club within the first few swings. Nice write up Jake! If I do have a complaint about the esthetics its that they did not go for a more player oriented grip. Here are some numbers from Trackman, these are numbers I pulled from a 10 shot average again with a swing speed right in the to mph razd.

Callaway RAZR x Black Driver | eBay

This was the big positive surprise for me when hitting the club. Volume Three Hundred Thirteen.

Callaway promptly returned a brand new one to me. There is certainly no shortage of technology packed blcak this driver. Paulo March 1, – 6: I did not hit massive hooks with it, but if I missed it very often the ball would be in the left rough when I missed it.


I am not certain, but they may have set the internal weighting of the club for a draw bias which to the average golfer might be a big advantage. I am looking at the The bottom of the club head was designed for speed. Callaway used its Forged Composite material it developed with Lamborghini for a blacj crown. All single pieces drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, single irons, wedges, putters.

This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable. I love the Forged Composite visible on the crown along with just a subtle red graphic that does not distract you at degdee, in fact I think it ties together a great look on the crown of the RAZR X Black.

Jason is a busy husband and father of 2 daughters who are both just starting to take up the game that he has loved for years. Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid.

Holiday Cheer Contest Day 2: Great Deal and Beautiful, Pristine Condition. I had pondered getting the 9 degree but had been scared off by the 1 degree open face I had not read this review.


I think the work that Callaway did to tune the MOI really helped give the club an extremely solid feel when being swung. It definitely is a nice swinging club.

And nice numbers too. Check out our contests! It has the looks, solid performance and possibly the best price point tt we could ask for. I finaly was interested in swicthing out the driver from a 9.

Simply chose the payment option that works best for you. He had already made the investment in the white driver but he wished he had tried this one before making his purchase.

Callaway RAZR X Black Ti Driver

Give me straight or an open face any day. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply.

Volume Three Hundred Twelve. Apply 2nd Swing eGift Code at checkout on 2ndSwing. I am currently gaming this driver and like it a lot. Please provide dates you need sets delivered to you. I was thoroughly impressed with this driver ddegree will be buying it next Friday.