Anyone else still on Palm??!? It stands for BackSpace: Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. Don’t we have this already? Perfect in every way! Aside from the Palm OS’ built-in features for sending data to other handhelds “bleeming”? Applications that support it will have much faster graphics.

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The result is an attractive model that should appeal to buyers who want a nicely designed, full-featured handheld but don’t want to drop a ton of cash.

UPDATE – Preview – Sony Clie TG50

And underline I think, too. Still a excellent OS for handheld.

I would li ke to see more onboard memory but with the memory stick slot you just can’t go wrong. I thought it HAD virtual graffiti clif a user could use either the thumb-board or graffiti for input.

Density has popped me to you Applications that support it will have much faster graphics. I have typos all over the comment. Each application must be installed separately, which is a bit of a drag, but it allows you to fill up your memory with only the programs you intend to use.

I was so excited to see the new Clie TG50 until I realized that the flip cover did not detach or fold over.

Sony Clie TG50 Review

Yes, I Know, I was one of those who said “Gosh, if these things could only dial the number in the address file and work like a phone too, wouldn’t clir be cool! Becasue a combination of size, strength, keyboard and most of all the jog dial thats also a botton.


A memory stick can transfer or save files for use elsewhere. Does everything I want and then some.

Other than that, the brightness, contrast and color balance of the screen are as good as we have seen on recent Clie models. Just lurkin’ on this one The brushed aluminum is somewhat scratch-prone, so you shouldn’t carry the device in a pocket with coins or keys. Typical high Japanese qualitydesign and craftsmanship unfortunately handicapped by American OSmanship.

Sony PEG-TG50

Another, if a alarm goes off on would have to open the lid to see the message, because the lid is not transparent. The buttons were also way too sticky for my taste.

The Memory Stick slot is on the top of the handheld, wedged in between the headphone jack and the Bluetooth and IR sensors. It has to be soft or just don’t include them at cclie.

I can’t stand integrated flip-covers, especially when removing them marrs the look of the device removing the flip cover from the TG50 leaves two largish “voids” on either side that make the unit look unfinished. While it has some intriguing features, and certainly has a more eye-catching design, it is less-efficient than the standard Launcher still included which supports the display of “small” versions of Icon and List view.


The stylus is Sony’s standard thin, but high-quality stick; and is extracted from it’s silo from the bottom like the NX-series. Ditto — an absolutely first-rate review. I lost my Handspring Prism when it fel out of my wallet and hit the cement. Why would they start now?

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Well I like my TG The center hinge area can be seen with the lid either open or closed, and includes small LED indicators for Bluetooth, Charging, and Recording as well as the mic port.

Sony Cell Phone Accessories for Sony. The Good Eye-catching design; fast processor; built-in minikeyboard; integrated, cie flip cover; Bluetooth; MP3 support; generous software package.

See details for additional description. The extra step to open the flip is annoying. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.