The unauthorized manufacturing variance, as Nike called it, resulted in driver faces that had a coefficient of restitution higher than that allowed by the rules. The clubmaker told me that some of the Nike Sumo’s are being a clubhouse last week that has a list of all non-conforming drivers and he will. Somethig to be said about good mechanix and good timing!!! Even with the light shaft and head weight, I still had no problem feeling the club head in my swing. I just read that these clubs are being replaced by your company please inform as to which is the out let that I should approach. I bought the Nike Sumo2 and love it. A major driver of the country’s impressive economic growth is its vibrant ready- made where manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to conform to one or more.

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However, this year they also offer a couple stock options at no additional cost: Choi to win the Chrysler Championship last fall was also conforming, Nike said.

Unfortunately, like its namesake, the Roadster is not ideal for tall drivers: I have had this driver since and it is still the longest driver I have ever conformung, including the SQ, Squares, etc. You may want to check out the Sumo version of the club which is geared more toward the player that wants to move the ball.

I would assume that since the recall was in that my driver is conforming. I was in such awe of my drives that i was not able to really focus on my sqhared shot thus not scoring as well as i should have.


The Sumo Squared has made enormous strides in this department. And I agree about your groove comment…random inspections do need to occur on various products. I really enjoy this club. The Sumo Squared Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Peace Out Just Do It.

If the reaction in our forum is any indication, it may at least cost some goodwill. Hi, just discovered your site and enjoyed your review. When you put anything into production, you know there is going to be variations, and if you cannot control squaged variations during manufacturing, then you better give some wiggle room in your design.

The proactive solutions Nike plans to offer for consumers, retail partners and in its manufacturing process are the bigger story, Nike executives said. The alignment aid on the Sumo is also quite subdued. The variance may result in a distance increase of perhaps a yard or two, Nike said. Discover the magic of the Internet. Looking back at previous year Sasquatch and Sumo drivers, this seems to be a common trend in the Nike driver line. In an era when it’s become harder to stand out from the.

I bought the Nike Sumo2 and love it. Instead of spending a year and a half researching a groove issue resolved 20 years ago, how much more sense would it have made to set up and launch a periodic re-testing protocol? I wonder if they will have a recall as well since I have heard of many people commenting on TaylorMade and Callaway both having illegal drivers in the market.


Nike Addresses Sumo2 Problems | Golf Channel

The need for similar testing of drivers was underscored when Nike said there are no other performance issues with a nonconforming Sumo2. I live in belgaum ,Karnataka ,India.

I love my new Sumo2 too. We are choosing out own path on this, and it so happens we choose to do what they would wish. Though when I had a look at it, it just seems a lot larger. If you are looking for a very easy to hit smuo that still pokes the ball out there a ways, go get your hands on one of these clubs.

Nike Recalls The Sumo 2

If I put that sort of swing on the 4DX driver, who knows where the ball would have ended up. The unauthorized manufacturing variance, as Nike called it, resulted in driver faces that had a coefficient of restitution higher than that allowed by the rules. Nike Sumo Sasquatch non -conforming driver is illegal according to USGA rules but nobody will know if you don’t tell them. The SQ is not only the straightest, but furthest. The VS65 Proto shaft will add a little weight, but obviously not much.

The Nike engineers have obviously been hard at work, recently unveiling their new square driver: